Blag Adrian

I love creating for the love of creating

Adrian Blag’s vision is universal and is based on the evolution of colour. His works verge on figurative realism and a sense of surreal abstraction. The artist experiments with the use of expressive bright colours in radical combinations in order to present his unique vision of the world around him.

His artistic journey began at a very young age. Growing in his native Romania, he became fascinated with the moody light and wonderful landscapes of his country.

Even though he was urged by his family to study a more practical profession, his passion for art was overwhelming and finally he decided to devote all his energy to painting.

His creative wanderings began with taking photos of the landscapes and the people that inhabited them. After taking brief art lessons, he decided to experiment on his own. Soon the landscapes made it possible for the artist to find his relationship with colour. He admits that it was a complex and lingering process to find his own language of expression.

The catalyst was a move to Greece a few years ago. He settled in a Greek island and immediately became fascinated with the unique light and contrast of the country’s landscapes and its people.

His palette became more vivid and his works were radically transformed. Attracted by the bright light and colours, obsessed with the surreal and mystical surroundings, he started producing canvases that pulsed with expression. One by one more temperamental paintings appeared from under his brush. That was just the beginning..The artist felt that the pure magic of colour was the key to his artistic expression and began the long journey of experimentation which took his work to another level. In his own words “ I studied colour all my life. Studied a lot and experimented extensively. I studied the gray day with its nuances, the bright sun with its transitions from yellow to red and crimson. The purpose of these experiments is to discover the full power of colour and its effects on our emotions. I try to create paintings that are most effective in terms of colour, light and it’s emotional impact.”